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The sunglasses brand Ray-Ban was founded in 1937 by Bausch & Lomb. Ray-Ban, which means "lightning barrier" is considered the first modern manufacturer of sunglasses. Ray-Ban is the creator of the most imitated sunglasses in the world, Aviator, plus other legendary model, the Wayfarer.
The model of sunglasses RB2140 Wayfarer is made ??famous in 1953. This model is the one who has broken with the traditional model of metallic glasses and reached its peak in the sixties. What characterizes the Wayfarer model is the inclination is between the front and rods, which profile is like most can appreciate. The bars are wide and are increasing the front at the top of the ears. The shape of the lenses are rectangular, almost square with rounded corners. The material they are made ??is pasta and the lenses are minerals. RB2140 sunglasses have a variety of colors, textures and combinations both in the front, the rods (both indoors and outdoors) and lenses. Notably are the best-selling sunglasses and imitated in history.

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