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OAKLEY Crosslink Fit OX8136 813602 SATIN GREY SMOKE

89.35 $
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Product Description

If you need to correct your eyesight and are looking for the best sports style glasses on the market, Oakley is your brand. Founded in the seventies of the last century, Oakley offers the most complete and highest-quality collections of sports accessories, including prescription glasses and sunglasses.

The Oakley Crosslink Fit prescription glasses are the newest model within the brand's Crosslink collection. Designed as an authentic sports frame, the curved shape of the front guarantees an optimal fixation to the face. In addition, for the first time in the history of this type of sports frames, the glasses include interchangeable nasal plates of various sizes, so you can choose the plate that best fits your measurements. You can also use the different plates depending on the activity that you are going to carry out at each moment, be it a sport activity or during your leisure time. And if that were not enough, this frame also includes an extra pair of arms.

As you can see, the Oakley Crosslink Fit has everything to become the perfect glasses you need in your day to day. Available in two sizes and in four ranges of different colors, like the 813602 SATIN GREY SMOKE, these glasses are designed for those who want to combine their sporting use and daily use for all the activities of every day.

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