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Persol Steve McQueen Limited Edition

Persol Steve McQueen Limited Edition

1968. Steve McQueen arrives on the set of The Thomas Crown Affair wearing Persol 714 sunglasses. Thus begins the legend.

Elegant, safe and full of character, the classic Steve McQueen frame is a clear reflection of the rebel personality of the actor who popularized it. Choose the perfect version for you: the iconic one in light havana, the elegant one in black and the new acetate that triumphs: Caffè. All have polarized lenses in the unmistakable blue tones characteristic of Persol.

Steve McQueen are based on the iconic 714, the first folding glasses in history. Its manufacture goes through a handmade and manual process. A patient and laborious task that makes each model a unique piece.

The folding system in the middle of the arms closes them from the outside inwards while in the old model the fold was made from top to bottom.

Steve McQueen includes details of the original 714 model that the actor liked so much. As in the classic model, the Supreme Arrow, a distinctive symbol of Persol, appears on the arm and the front, as well as on the foldinghinge and in the middle of the arm.

The name Steve McQueen is reproduced inside the arm and in the case, a leather case specially adapted to this incredible model.

If something characterizes Persol brand is its dedication and its taste for a job well done. Today all frames are manufactured by hand in Italy, just as in their origins. And, as at that time, each model must achieve perfection. The use of high quality materials is an indisputable added value.

On the one hand, cotton acetates for frames. The perfect mix of technology and nature. When combined, unique color variations arise in each frame, so no two models are the same. On the other hand, the lenses. The molten glass is separated, curled, polished and solidified to give rise to glass lenses that guarantee maximum protection and visual clarity.

Good work, precision, high quality materials and timeless designs. All this makes Persol glasses the perfect accessory. If we also add a nonconformist spirit, then we have the limited edition of Steve McQueen, an unconventional actor that would mark an era and continues to gain popularity today. His rebellious attitude and strong personality give his essence to the limited edition of glasses that Persol has created in his honor,a collection aimed at anyone who does not settle for highlighting but dreams of making legend.

Persol Steve McQueen Limited Edition - This is how legend is made..

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