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Biotrue Eye Drops Comfort Drops

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Information about Biotrue Eye Drops Comfort Drops

Biotrue Eye Drops deliver instant natural hydration and are clinically proven to provide long lasting relief for dry eye symptoms.
Inspired by the Nature of Your Eyes
Provides Instant Natural Hydration
Safe to use with contact lenses

Preservative-Free Dry Eye Relief:
Biotrue eye drops contain up to 2.4 mg/mL of hyaluronic acid to keep eyes moist, as nature intended.

What is Biotrue eye drops single dose?
Biotrue® eye drops single dose is a preservative free clear eye drop solution that contains 2 mg/ml (0.2%) of the clinically proven natural moisturizer hyaluronic acid (as sodium hyaluronate), found in the structures of a healthy human eye and the natural tear film.
Biotrue eye drops single dose provides instant soothing and natural hydration.

The product refreshes and calms dry eyes, relieving symptoms of tired, stressed, burning and teary eyes.
It provides instant comfort, long-lasting moisture and protection from everyday stresses.
This product is suitable for the wetting and rewetting of both soft and rigid contact lenses during wearing, and noticeably improves the comfort of the contact lenses. It can be also used post- LASIK surgery.
Biotrue® eye drops single dose formulation is preservative free, possessing a very high tolerability. It is presented in a convenient and easy to use single-dose format.

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