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Available Sizes
64 mm.

Product Description

The Oakley eyewear brand is known for the quality and style of its wide range of sports sunglasses. Athletes from all over the world are committed to the protection and comfort of wearing Oakley glasses during sports, which guarantees not only better sports performance, but also contributes to the health care of your eyes.

On this occasion, Oakley presents OO9416 Split Shot sunglasses, a water resistant frame created specifically for water sports, although it can be compatible with many other activities and other sports out of water. These glasses include a detachable strap as a restraint system, thanks to which the glasses remain safe during sports practice. In addition, the bridge is designed to ensure maximum fixation of the frame to the face. As for lenses, the material used to manufacture them not only guarantees optimal protection against UV rays, but also offers high resistance against bumps and scratches. It is also possible to purchase the frame with polarized lenses: OO9416 941604 MATTE TRANSLUCENT BLUE.

In short, it is a lightweight frame that you can wear during the execution of the sport without any discomfort or obstacle in your performance. The size of the glasses makes them ideal for medium and large faces.

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