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Product Description

Ray-Ban is a prestigious brand known throughout the world dedicated to the marketing of sunglasses and prescription glasses. The company was born at the end of the thirties and in a very short time managed to carve a niche in the world market. His fame has only grown with the passage of time. The fact that there have been many celebrities who have chosen to wear Ray-Ban glasses in the most important events has also contributed to this.

On this occasion, Ray-Ban offers us the RX7151 model. Unlike many other glasses of the brand, this model of glasses has a frame of paste, which makes these glasses lighter glasses compared to other metal frames. Although in this model the rounded forms predominate, the lenses have a subtle hexagonal shape, very original. The name of the brand can be read on the outside of the arms. In addition to frames of a single color, such as the RX7151 2000 BLACK or the RX7151 2012 HAVANA, it is also possible to purchase this model of glasses with the frame in different color combinations, where the front would be one color and the arms another different color.

These unisex glasses, available in two sizes, are available for all those who wish to add a touch of originality to their look without having to give up the characteristic and popular style of a brand like Ray-Ban.

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