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49 mm.
51 mm.

Product Description

Ray-Ban is a brand of prescription glasses and sunglasses with worldwide fame that passes from generation to generation. They are glasses that never go out of fashion and, in addition, the brand presents new models with each new collection, which are becoming new successes one after the other. It is not surprising, therefore, that Ray-Ban glasses are the most imitated glasses in history.

Ray-Ban has models of prescription glasses of very diverse styles for an audience of the most varied. In addition to the traditional Aviator or Round Metal, Ray-Ban also surprises us with the RX7140. On this occasion, we have a model of glasses with the frame in various color combinations: the front and the terminal of the arms is one color, while the arms and the bridge are of another color. The most popular color combination is that of the RX7140 2000 SHINE BLACK frame, with the front in black and the arms in gold. In addition, this model of glasses includes adjustable plates so that you can adjust the glasses to the shape and dimensions of your face. We also highlight the RX7140 2001 TRASPARENT, a transparent frame, very fashionable nowadays.

This model of glasses is available in two sizes and its design is unisex, so they are ideal glasses for both men and women looking for prescription glasses with a style faithful to the unique style of Ray-Ban.

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