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58 mm.

Product Description

Dior is synonymous with luxury and elegance. Christian Dior has managed to gain a foothold in the luxury market and Dior has established itself as one of the leading brands worldwide. Dior does not stop surprising us with each new collection that brings to market, and the DiorStellaire, one of the latest bets of the brand, have not been for less.

Within the collection of DiorStellaire glasses, Dior presents us on this occasion the DiorStellaireO4, very much in line with the rest of the eyewear models in the collection. With a thin metal frame of large size (size 58), these glasses are ideal for faces between medium and large size. The most characteristic of this model of glasses is found in the design of the front: the shape of the lenses reminds us of two hexagons, although the rounded lines predominate and they give the glasses a soft and delicate appearance. It is a sober frame, without adornments or superfluous details, which highlights the elegance of the simple following the maxim "less is more" in the world of fashion. Available in three colors, among which the 010 PALLADIUM stands out, the DiorStellaireO4 has the ability to stylize any type of face.

If you need to correct your vision and look for a model of glasses that goes unnoticed and does not attract too much attention, then the DiorStellaireO4 may be the perfect choice. Despite the simplicity of its design, the glasses retain that air of distinction and elegance so characteristic of all Dior models.

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