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CHLOE Filigree CE2145 705 COPPER

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Available Sizes
57 mm.

Product Description

Chloé stands for elegant, exclusive, refined feminine fashion. Founded in the middle of the last century, Chloé is a perfect example of a brand that has not stopped growing and getting followers from its beginnings to our times. At present, you will not find another firm that has Chloé's popularity when it comes to women's accessories.

One of the most delicate and refined models in terms of prescription glasses collections is found in Filigree CE2145. It is a thin metal frame of large size (size 57), ideal for women with large faces. The frame is rounded, which favors those people with an angular face, because with it you will be able to soften and mold the most pronounced lines. Available in three light shades, we highlight the CE2145 705 COPPER, a golden copper that blends perfectly with the pastel tones and that will bring a sweet and elegant touch to your style.

If you are looking for an elegant model, with a timeless, classic and feminine design, you can bet on the CE2145. With these glasses you will make sure you always go to the last thanks to its traditional design that never goes out of style and that creates a trend wherever it goes.

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