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Placing Your Order

What information do I need to place an order with

To place an order for eyeglasses or contact lenses, all that you need is your prescription. Once you have the prescription, you can begin to save on new glasses and lenses. For sunglasses, you only need to know the model you want to buy.

How can I get my prescription?

You can get your prescription from your licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist.

How can your prices be so low?

We are able to charge such reduced rates for our products because we don’t have to have shops on the major avenues of big cities and we don’t provide optical advice – we use the time we save to think about how to save you more money. You choose the product you want and we send it to the address you indicate.
Additionally, we belong to a large consortium of opticians which allows us to obtain the best prices on the market.

Are your products original?

All our products are brand new and original.  We don’t sell second-hand products or knock-offs.
All of the products on our website come from our opticians and are purchased from official laboratories and manufacturers.
Our prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses also come with their original case, cleaning cloth and certificate of guarantee.

What guarantees are there for Visual-Click products?

Sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses: two-year guarantee for any frame damage resulting from manufacturing defect. 100% free. All replacements use original parts.
Two-year guarantee for lenses with manufacturing defect. Damage including scratches or cracks resulting from incorrect use is not covered.
Defective glasses must be sent to our central warehouse and they will be returned to you with no of shipping or handling charges
Customers have the right to request a substitute for a defective item or a full refund of the total purchase amount.
Contact lenses: defective contact lenses will be replaced free of charge.

How long does it take to receive the product?

Orders are processed the same day they are received.
Products are shipped by 24-48 hour express courier. Within approximately 10 working days you should receive the product purchased at the address indicated in your order.
We use Seur and TNT transport services for the delivery of our products.
In the case that product delivery is delayed for any reason, we will contact you by email.

Where should I have the package sent?

It is advisable to indicate the address where you spend the majority of your time, such as your place of work.
In order to facilitate delivery, you are encouraged to indicate in the comments space provided your preferred delivery time and any other information you think is pertinent.

What should I do if my order isn’t correct or is damaged?

At Visual-Click, we do everything possible to avoid such an unfortunate situation. However, in the unlikely case that the product you receive is not what you ordered or if it has been damaged during shipping, let us know (clicking on the “Contact Us” link) in order to request a replacement or a refund of the total purchase amount. We will do everything we can to ensure that you receive your order at your address in perfect condition.




What materials do you use for your lenses?

We use lightweight CR-39 organic material (plastic) for the majority of our glasses. We buy our lenses from the leading manufacturers worldwide, test them and, finally, adjust them to the frames you selected.

Different lens types are used depending on the prescription:

  • STANDARD THICKNESS (1.5 INDEX) PLASTIC LENS: Organic (CR-39) lens; normal index; lighter and more resistant to breakage than glass lenses.
  • THIN AND LIGHT (1.6 MID-INDEX) PLASTIC LENS: Organic lens; 1.6 average index; thinner and lighter than conventional plastic lenses.
  • SUPER THIN AND LIGHT (1.67 HIGH-INDEX) PLASTIC LENS: Organic lens with extremely thin edges; specially designed to be thinner, lighter and more stylish than conventional lenses.
  • ULTRA THIN AND LIGHT (1.7 HIGH-INDEX) PLASTIC LENS: Even thinner and lighter than the 1.67 high-index lens; anti-reflective coating required.

What different kinds of lens coatings are available?

We offer different types of coatings for your prescription glasses.

  • HARDENING-SCRATCH RESISTANT COATING: A hardening treatment for the surface of organic lenses for better scratch resistance.
  • ANTI-REFLECTIVE COATING: See things more clearly with an anti-reflective coating. The coating covers the lens with a series of anti-reflective layers that allow almost all light to pass through the lenses, thereby eliminating glare and bothersome reflections. The coating is recommended for all prescription glasses.
  • PHOTOCHROMIC LENS: Lenses that darken as the light intensifies. Ideal for people who only want one pair of glasses which can be used as both sunglasses and regular eyeglasses.  Recommended for people who frequently move between in and outdoor spaces throughout the day. Two types are currently available: gray and brown.

Do you sell progressive or bifocal lenses?

At the moment we do not provide bifocal or progressive lenses due to the difficulty of adjusting them online.  
If you are interested in progressive or bifocal lenses, we recommend that you get them from your local, licensed optician where the proper adjustments can be made.

Can I order frames without lenses or with non-prescription lenses?

Yes, if you leave all of the parameters at ‘0’ and indicate in the Notes section of the purchase form that you only want the frames. If you want frames with non-prescription lenses, please let us know in the Notes section of the purchase form that you would like frames with neutral lenses.

Do you sell prescription sunglasses?

Yes, in the sunglasses section we indicate the different models that we can fit with prescription lenses.

Not all models can be fit with prescription lenses.

Among the prescription models, you can select polarized lenses which are ideal for driving, skiing and practicing water sports. When light reflects off of certain surfaces like water, snow or the road, it is polarized and can produce a particularly annoying reflection or glare. Tinted lenses do not eliminate these reflections. Lenses that are polarized, however, can eliminate bothersome glare and reflection, aiding your vision.

You may also select the lens colour ? choosing between the original model colour shown and a variety of other possibilities ? as well as the intensity of the lens tint, ranging from low-intensity (20%) to high-intensity (95%).



Prescription Lenses

Can I use my prescription for contact lenses to order prescription glasses?

No, even if your prescriptions for contact lenses and eyeglasses seem similar, there are usually important differences between the two. Try to obtain separate prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses if possible.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us your contact lens prescription by email and we will study it to decide on the proper prescription for your eyeglasses.

What is Pupillary Distance (PD) and how can I measure it?

In order to see optimally with your eyeglasses, the frame must be adjusted to the distance between your eyes. As part of this adjustment, the centre of each lens must coincide with the centre of your pupils.

To achieve this, we need to know your pupillary distance (PD), that is, the measurement of the distance between your pupils. (While other terms such as “interpupillary distance” and “pupil distance” are also frequently used, they all mean the same thing.)

In the case that you don’t know your pupillary distance, we can fit your glasses using a standard PD.

The use of the standard pupillary distance works well for most people; however, it is important to note that some people with particularly high prescriptions or whose pupillary distance varies greatly from the norm might have problems using the standard PD measurement.

In such a case, while the standard PD glasses will not damage your eyes, they can cause certain discomfort. Nevertheless, it is quite easy to measure your own pupillary distance. The best way is to ask a friend for help.

Focus on a fixed point on the horizon while your friend, with a ruler, measures the distance between your pupils in millimetres.  If you want to be even more precise, ask your friend to measure the distance from the left edge of your left pupil to the left edge of your right pupil.

I don’t understand what my prescription says.

Feel free to mail us your prescription or scan and send it to us by email at That way we can all try to decipher what your prescription says together.

What if I incorrectly enter my information?

Please inform us immediately of the error either by phone or email, since we process all orders very quickly.

What should I do if, upon receipt of my sunglasses or prescription eyeglasses, I need further frame adjustments?

If you only need a minor adjustment, any optician can do it either for free or for a nominal fee. If you continue to have problems with your frames, please let us know by phone or email.



Contact Lenses

Can I use my glasses prescription to order contact lenses?

No, even if your prescriptions for contact lenses and eyeglasses seem similar, there are usually important differences between the two. Try to obtain separate prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses if possible.

What is the right contact lens for me?

Your optometrist or ophthalmologist can recommend the type of lens that is best for you. In order to do so, he/she must take into account different factors such as your prescription, tear film, as well as the use you hope to get from your contact lenses.

How often do I have to buy my contact lenses?

How often you must buy your contact lenses will depend on the instructions given to you by your optometrist or ophthalmologist.

How can I get an adjustment of my contact lenses?

By ‘adjustment’ we mean any change to your normal lenses, be it regarding lens material, lens replacements or a new prescription. If you wish to receive an adjustment of your contact lenses, you must first consult with your optometrist or ophthalmologist.

Do my contact lenses require any specific type of care?

For the maintenance of your contact lenses, your optometrist or ophthalmologist should be able to provide you with his/her recommendations.  Normally, disposable lenses require a standard type of solution, but there may always be cases in which additional cleaning processes are required including, for example, the use of more aggressive disinfectants like peroxide.

What is BC and DIA?

BC and DIA indicate values that you will find on your adjustment reports or the original packaging of your contact lenses.
BC, BK or ro indicate the base curve or radius of curvature of the contact lens, the measurement of which depending on the curvature of the cornea. BC values are usually between 6.50 and 10.50 mm.

What is spherical power?

Spherical power (SPH) is the strength of your prescription, be it for myopia (nearsightedness) or hyperopia (farsightedness).
For toric contact lenses which correct astigmatism, cylinder (CYL) as well as axis (AXIS) readings must also be noted.
For multifocal contact lenses, the addition value (ADD) must also be indicated.




How may I pay for Visual-Click products?

There are various payment methods available for Visual-Click customers:

  • By credit card – no additional fees
  • By PayPal
  • By bank transfer or direct deposit in our checking account – no additional fees
  • **By COD (only in peninsular Spain) – additional 4% fee on the purchase amount (€4.95 minimum).

Is your website secure?

Of course. At Visual-Click we work with Santander Savings Bank web servers to offer you with the greatest security for your online transactions. Your credit card information is handled exclusively by the secure server. At no moment does Visual-Click have access to your credit card information.

Can you send me an invoice that I can present to my insurance company or friendly society?

Every shipment comes with a complete invoice that can be presented to your insurance company or friendly society, where applicable, for a reimbursement.

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